Gilles Masse is a renowned oyster farmer

We were tasked with designing Gilles Masse website including a homepage, contact pages but also product sections to show the variety of oysters he is selling. 
We decided to begin by a total makeover of Gilles Masse’s digital identity in order to reflect his true values such as authenticity and dynamism.               Gilles Masse ’s colors are trendy and show the beauty of oysters. The blue color used refers to the sea of Marennes Oleron. Yellow color represents gold and shows oysters as a luxurious jewel. As it is a family brand, we used funny quotes to reflect the authenticity of Gilles Masse. To transforme the brand into something more trendy, we decided to focus on a funny langage playing on words linked to the marine world. Gilles Masse website is no longer just a presentation of the family domain but a true e-commerce website with user guidance.